The Image Interpreter

In a carriage of the Paris metro, nine people cross paths one ordinary Friday morning: a retired office worker who comes there purely to read; a tourist revisiting the memories of sixty years ago; a funeral mourner who has discovered the beauty of cemeteries; an author in search of her characters; a young man with a reality problem; an elderly woman with memory issues; a military administrator with a secret hobby; a jilted woman who has the key to the perfect match; and a secret agent high on adrenaline. Each in turn encounters that ubiquitous and unavoidable gadget: the cell phone camera. Each comes to a realization that changes their life for ever. But who is the tenth person in the carriage, and what do her photographs tell her about the other nine that they could not possibly know themselves?


  • Zavod (Serbian, 2016)
  • Cadmus Press (English, Japan, hardcover, 2017)
  • Zavod (Serbian, 2018)
  • Cadmus Press (English, Japan, softcover, 2018)

Korica za Zorana