Adam Callaway reviews Compartments

Here is an excerpt from Adam Callaway’s review of “The Apex Book of World SF” anthology on The Weirdside:

“Compartments” by Zoran Zivkovic, Serbia

The other story that warrants the price of this anthology. Every time I read a new Zivkovic story, he reminds me why he is my second favorite short story writer (after the Blessed Ted Chiang). This story about a man, a conductor, and a bunch of train cars populated by extremely colorful people will keep you silently chuckling to yourself. The best part: you never find out anything about the main character or main conflict, and you want it that way. I can see how some of the unenlightened would throw the book across the room from the lack of resolution, but it really fits the story. The other reason Zivkovic is a true master of the short form is that he takes an incredibly pedestrian idea and makes it one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read all year.


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